These are my grandchildren and one of the reasons that I chose to run. I want to leave a promising future for them. They will soon reach an age where they either start working for somebody or start their own business. We have one shot at making a way for them, let’s not blow it.

Times like this are important to look out after our fellow men. I have been fortunate enough to help out on different food banks. Encouraging those who need a hand up to overcome the challenges facing our nation today, with the understanding that This too shall pass.

Pro God: I firmly hold true that this country was founded with Judeo-Christian beliefs. I have served the Lord for over 20 years as an ordained minister, also was a choir member, and ministered in different aspects of church ministry.

Pro-Life: I Believe that all Life comes from God therefore, we as a nation that was founded on Christian values, should defend and protect the unborn child. I also believe that other alternatives should be considered to avoid having an abortion

This country has benefited from the influx of legal immigration providing opportunities for migrants from all over the world to become part of the great – American Dream – but in order to protect this opportunity rendered to our friends from abroad, we have to safeguard our existing laws and we have to put the security of our citizens at the top of the list while providing a safe vetting process for those that want to come into our country legally.

OUR VETERANS: It is our responsibility to ensure that the fine men and women who pledged their loyalty to this country and risked their lives so that these United States would be safe for our children for generations to come. These brave men & women protecting us from all threats foreign & domestic, receive the respect and admiration from all of us, that they deserve, and also receive prompt medical, Physiological and much-needed care that they deserve.