Pro God: I firmly hold true that this country was founded with Judeo-Christian    beliefs. I have served the Lord for over 20 years as an Ordained Minister and    ministered in different aspects of church ministry.

Pro-Life: I Believe that all Life comes from God therefore, we as a nation that was founded on Christian values, should defend and protect all unborn children. I also believe that other alternatives should be considered to avoid having an abortion.

OUR VETERANS: It is our responsibility to ensure that the fine men and women who pledged their loyalty to this country and risked their lives so that these United States would be safe for our children for generations to come, have their needs met to its fullest. That these brave men and women protecting us from all threats foreign and domestic,  receive the respect and admiration from all of us that they deserve, and also receive prompt medical, physiological/psychological and much needed care that they have earned.

PRO 2ND AMENDMENT: There is only one law in the United States Constitution that deals with fire arms and it states: A well regulated Militia,

being necessary to the   security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. The Supreme Court of The United States concluded that we can not deny law abiding citizens the rights to posses arms. As long as we have arms to defend ourselves, this Republic will survive

PRO SCHOOL CHOICE: Government cannot tell me how to educate my children. I should choose their school and their education. The main goal of the school system is to educate,  open the minds of these young adults to the possibilities that this great nation has to offer. Civic, writing, reading and arithmetic are the core need of this nations students, they need to know that history shapes our   future. “Train up a child in the ways he should go”.

PRO TRADE SCHOOL: Trade schools give alternatives to students. Not every student wants to go to college, but they want to excel in life. Mechanics, electricians, plumber anybody that is good with their hands can be taught  a career that they love.

PRO LOWER TAXES: Taxes are a necessary evil to ensure that the country provides for its needs. This burden has to be as painless as possible to those who pays said taxes. It punishes  people who work  to support their families. The main purpose of this nation is to provide for the common welfare, the well being of all the citizens. If we keep squeezing the hard working people, eventually they will give up due to the excessive burden and then we, all of us, will suffer the consequences.

Taxes have to be lowered in order to  promote those young upstart business, they need to be nurtured to the point where they are able to have fertile field to put roots in the community and lift their neighborhood. “I believe the best   social program is a job”. Ronald Reagan

This nation is headed towards inflation, as of today, every American rich or poor, is paying over $60.00 more per week, this is most felt by the elderly and the very poor. We need to protect them and lift the burden that the current administration has brought upon them.

PRO JOBS: There are over 10,000,000 jobs waiting for people to work, this country need to open up and let people go back to work. We need to lift those burdensome, job killing mandates and let the free enterprise system that has built this nation flourish. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS is what this country needs to escape from the bandage brought about by the current administration. Administration; LET MY PEOPLE GO!!

PRO LEGAL IMMIGRATION: To insure the safety and sovereignty of this nation, we have to vet everybody that enters this land. Immigration done properly will enhance the economy of any community, to this end, we have set rules and standards that allow individuals to enter and become productive member in our society. Illegal immigration is an act that begins as a purposefully criminal exploit. Every nation has strict rules pertinent as to who enters their sovereignty and the punishment for such acts. The United States cannot allow our most valuable asset, Freedom, to be afforded to individual who without care, stomp on our laws, forego procedures that others spend year and thousands of dollars in order to live in this country. I welcome everybody to this nation, as long as they follow the law. I am not above the law, neither are those who enter this country illegally.

McAllen, TX